Airy and Harmonious Interior Design

Fun and Harmonious Interior Decor

Can you name it what aspects that make a house become a good and comfortable? The answer is interior design. Exterior design may important but it is only to make our house looks good from outside. The more important aspect for our house is what interior design that we should choose for our house. There are many ideas of interior design that are available. One of which is airy and harmonious interior. What make it good as interior design? As you can see from the name, this interior design emphasize on airy and harmonious design. You would see how to make a good air ventilation so that air circulation inside our house would be better. In addition harmonious stands for our furniture that should in line nature theme.

Design Airy and Harmonious Interior Design, the Tranquility Sanctuary

This is the example of house that occupies harmonious and airy interior design. This cave house becomes a great place for those who seek peacefulness. It is not really a real cave; however, it is a good imitation of cave. One thing that looks peculiar is its curved walls. The curved wall create tranquility mood. In addition, the air circulation circulates better. Then you would see the transparent partition. The transparent partition gives a unity and harmonies theme for the interior. Thus, the interior looks wider. You also can see directly toward the outside where there are so many green colors from leaves and tress on the garden. Then neutral tones for the wall and furniture give a meditating ambient. It is good combination between natural tones and natural view of your garden so that you can get relax mood.

Fun and Harmonious Interior Decor

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