Bath Salt Baby Shower Favor

bath salt baby shower favors

Bath Salt Baby Shower Favors. When you are expecting a baby it is the perfect time to plan everything that is needed after the birth of the baby because you will never find any time to organize things later. The baby completely occupies your time. So baby shower is a great chance to meet all your loved ones because it may take a lot of time to meet them again after the baby is born.

Baby shower is the best occasion to thank them for supporting you all through your life. Giving a favor instead of just saying thanks will make them remember that you care for them.

Baby Shower Favors Bath Salt Favors

The best choice of favors would be Bath Salt baby shower favors. Bath salt is nothing but a combination of sea salt, Epsom salt, vitamin E oil, baking soda, citric acid and olive oil. This gives a lot of comfort in your bath especially when you are tired physically. You can order the bath salts in bulk through internet.

Cute Bath Salt Baby Shower Favors Package

Now is the task of packing them into presentable baby shower favors. We give some ideas of how you can pack them.

• Take a small packet and place the bath salt in it and tie the opening firmly with a string. Now wrap a colorful ribbon around the string to look beautiful.

Bath Salts Salt Favors Anza

• To match to the occasion of a baby shower, take baby bottles and fill them with bath salts and close them securely. Now tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottles to make them cute.
• You can choose colorful booties. Place the bath salt packets inside the booties and give them as favors.
• Make transparent boxes and keep the bath salt packets in them. Tie a ribbon around the box.
• Take aluminum tins and wrap them with the customized wrap that you can print from the internet and fill them with the bath salt. Tie a ribbon at the top of the tin.
• Bring glass bottles with cork lids. Fill the bottles with bath salts and close with the cork securely. Tie a netted ribbon at the neck of the bottle to make it look beautiful.
• Take wrapper prints from the internet and make small paper packets and keep the bath salt packets in them and tie a ribbon around the packet after sticking the open flap.

As bath salts are very useful to everyone the guests usually like this favor and you will be immersed in compliments. Bath salt baby shower favor will become the best part of your baby shower. Don’t forget to attach a tag or stick a message with names or the due date or a Thank you message which makes your favor more memorable. This is the best favor as it can be used later in contrast to many favors which are just thrown away once reaching home. The customized wraps from the internet will be of great use to make your bath salts presentable.

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