Becoming More Organized in Open Paris Loft

Loft Paris 6e

Becoming More Organized in Open Paris Loft. Becoming more organized is still a problem if you’re living in an open Paris loft. One of the best examples of organized open loft can be seen from this nine hundred square feet Paris loft. This loft is able to maintain the balance between the air and the lebar. Meanwhile, the sunlight still can enter and become the natural lighting for every inch of the loft. And every room in this loft is connected to each other.

This loft is a used manufacturing warehouse by September Architecture. The wide storage inside the room is the reason why this loft is very organized. With its capacity, it’s impossible for your belongings to be scattered around. Moreover, because of this storage, the loft will be more spacious. You don’t need to worry about reaching the highest shelves because you can use the stair.

Loft Paris 7e Breteuil

This loft is consisted from rooms for living, cooking, and dining. The kitchen itself has direct connection with the storage, the living room, and home office. One of the best parts is the home office because it has the view of outside scenery. Between living room and the bedroom, there are borders that are made from glass and metal. Meanwhile, the modern design and color still continue until the bathroom, using small and detail patterns on the wall and floor.

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