Bringing charm and warmth to a Florida residence


Since our client lived in the home for more than 5 years, the owner of this Tampa, Florida residence wished to renovate and enlarge the living and utility spaces of their home. Since our clients lived in the city before , they didn’t live in a home that had an actual foyer so it was difficult for them at how to decorate this unique space for years. Our client was embarrassed that this is the first thing people see when they enter the home because it didn’t set the right mood. It looked as if no one lives in the home when you enter the front door. Previously it has just become a dumping ground for toys of their kids.

The remodeling project included the creation of a new room addition with a guest suite above, as well as another addition on the opposite end of the home. For our client, it was mandatory that all of the changes to the residence look like they were part of the original plan for the home. On the main level of the home, the former formal foyer was remodeled to include newer stairways leading into rooms on the upper floor.


One challenge was to put up lighting that would fit into the current interior setting which was transitional with a modern touch. Interior remodeling of the main entrance area in a residential project with updated furniture and corresponding lighting, providing a welcoming environment for visitors and the home owner. We also added new finishes on ceilings, walls and floors as well as new furniture, artwork and lighting, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere throughout the house.

Different lighting concepts were discussed with the client and sample fixtures were ordered. Eventually we made a decision to pick the fixture shown in the image. Since one of the clients is a painter, she created a painting with 2 columns repeating and underlining the columns from the outside of the house.

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