Casa Bella Residence by JWA Design

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Jerilyn Wright & Associates Interior Design, based in the bustling city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada have been in the interior design industry for over 30 years and together the enthusiastic team holds masses of experience, having successfully designed residential, corporate and hospitality buildings all across the country, covering well over 13 million square feet of space and adding to that every day, working by their simple motto “Thinking Inside The Box”.

Casa Bella Residence by JWA Design

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One of residential designs which the JWA Design team are most proud of is one which is also one of the most stylish and luxurious they have ever worked on. The “Casa Bella” residence, located in the Kelowna area, British Columbia in Canada is an impressive, large home which was designed so fantastically that it was awarded the Thompson Okagan Housing Design Award back in 2001, which is still an incredibly impressive achievement over a decade later – and it hasn’t lost any of luxury or style in that time either.

Featuring a triple car garage, a good sized luxury swimming pool and jacuzzi, Casa Bella is far from an average run of the mill family home, but its eye catching and grandiose nature did not phase or hinder the JWA Design team from carrying out their work, and whilst the overall design communicates the influence, luxury and prestige of the building, they were able to combine the unique mill work and usage of stained, rich woods ensures that for years to come this home will always have an extremely welcoming and family feel to it. Whether you’re entertaining friends, meeting business partners, relaxing on a Christmas evening or looking to splash around with the family on a hot summer afternoon, this building has been well thought and set out to allow it to be perfect for all of that and more.

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