Minimalist Children’s Cheerful Furniture Collection

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Minimalist Children’s Cheerful Furniture Collection. Do your children need furniture? This furniture can be used as the storage of their toys and other things, so their room will not look messy but at the same time is also stylish. Neotoi Children Furniture System is the answer. It comes with an innovation in terms of toys and Roberto Giacomucci, the designer, created them all. It’s been known that the designer wanted to give functional and funny containers, using shapes that are familiar with children, such as animals. Because it’s for children, the size of the furniture is not too big as long as your children can use it well. Moreover, another purpose for this furniture is to connect the relationship (it could be between parents and children) for getting the stronger ones.

Neotoi Children Furniture System is different from other ordinary furniture. Besides becoming the place for your children’s belongings, the extraordinary yet funny shape of the furniture gives your children’s room personality. And some of the furniture is inspired by the shape of animal, such as crocodile, dog, and many more. Besides for your children’s room, the furniture is also suitable for both classroom and nursery. The furniture is built from veneer plywood that is already burnished, after that it’s also being covered with MDF accents that are consisted from three colors: Black, Red, and White. This furniture surely will make the room to be more cheerful and bright.

Children Furniture System

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