Fashion ideas for small kitchens: high top tables

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High top tables in a small kitchen can be much more practical than it seems at a first glance. If your kitchen is tiny and there is no place for a large dining table, you can do the following: move the dining table in the living room and gather at it with your family members and friends for dinner or on the weekends, and quick breakfasts and snacks can be done at a high bar table in the kitchen. Not for nothing this table is called a table for breakfast in Western Europe, because usually people have lunch in the office, dinner in cafes and at home they have a light breakfast.


high top dining table

Main advantages of high top tables and chairs

Bar chairs are beneficial for your kitchen, because they:

  • Create a modern interior and become its center
  • Help to replace usual dining tables with compact high top tables while maintaining the comfort on the same level
  • Open up the possibility for creative people of all income levels, as they are made of different materials
  • They can be put in even the smallest kitchen because they can be fold up and create more space

High top tables have a small size and, at the same time, visually separate the kitchen and other rooms, which can’t be done by dinner tables. It can be used as a partition between kitchen and living room. Besides the kitchen space becomes larger.

Psychologists recommend buying high top tables for those people who are afraid to get fat. Psychologically, it is not conducive to have long-term food intake procedure as it is at a large dining table, and thus the person will satisfy hunger faster.

high top table and chairs

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