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An invitation to Thanksgiving dinner is a gift we give to those we love most. A place at the table speaks volumes to the value we place in family and friends. This is the most important meal of the year. An invitation to Thanksgiving dinner is more than a gift of food; it’s the gift of time, camaraderie; love. How will you present your gift?

I have fond childhood memories of Thanksgiving mornings at my grandmother’s house, where my family and I celebrated the holiday. My brothers, sisters and I watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the den while the adults spent their morning cooking and preparing the meal.

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We were a family of modest means, middle class. However, there was always a fancy bowl of mixed nuts nearby. We delighted in cracking the shells and scooping the meat. My Grandmother had always decorated the den festively as well. Acorns and pine cones were strewn about the room’s table tops. Decorative holiday fabrics nestled pillar candles. Cubes of cheese and crackers laid out on sterling silverware kept hunger at bay while we waited on the feast ahead.

The aroma of candied yams and sweet potatoes made for an irresistible temptation to meander out to the kitchen to check on progress. A small bite from whatever it was that had made its way to one of the many of my Grandmother’s serving dishes would tide us over a bit longer.

The clanging of the dishes and glassware, the aromas that filled the house contributed to the sights and sounds of the season. By the time Santa made his first appearance of the year we were close.

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“Just a short while longer.” We were assured. “Go play and we’ll call you when dinner is ready.”

When finally we were called to dinner the kitchen, where we all would gather around a table that had grown to twice its usual size, had been magically transformed. Grandma’s best dinnerware was laid out across the table like that of the finest restaurants. The glassware was spotless and neatly placed to the right of each plate. There were shiny forks to the left and knives and spoons to the right. Every plate held a neatly folded napkin. In the center of the table were coordinating bowls of brightly colored vegetables and of course the main event, our holiday Turkey.

As a child I remember sitting differently at this table than I did at the one at my own house. Our manners were better too. This was an important occasion requiring our very best behavior. We were important on this day. And those who had created all of this were important to us.

We shared food. We shared stories and sometimes my dad would tell a joke or two. My Grandparents shared anecdotes of my parents when they were children. We shared each other’s company. Most of all we shared love.
The gift of an invitation to Thanksgiving Dinner is a gift of love. How will you present your gift?

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