Great Simple and Modern New Drawstring Lamp, Kuu Lamp

new design of Drawstring Lamp

Lighting is important aspect for interior design. Besides color tone or furniture, lighting can improve the interior atmosphere. Lighting is not only as light source for our house every night. Lighting is also the part of interior design. It can be a support for interior design. A good lighting would create interior design looks better. There are many lightning design that we can choose. We just need to choose what kind of lamp that we place in every room.

Recently, famous interior designers Kerstin Sylwan and Jenny Stefansdotter created new modern lamps. They improved and launched new design of Drawstring Lamp that is called Kuu Lamp. Drawstring lamp is lamp that has a string so that the lamp is hanged. The lamp is not attached on the ceiling. The new modern lamps is hanged so that the light source is closer with floor.

HEM Kuu Lamp

The prominent thing from new modern lamps Kuu Lamp is that is has lampshade that is made from fabric which is shielding lightly. Because of it, the fabric lampshade gives organic look. It is very simple ideas actually but the simplicity make the lamp become better. The random pattern of light-shielding fabric gives a natural light source view. There 2 colors version for the fabric so that the lamp shield illuminate better as the color of the fabric; white and black new modern lamps Kuu Lamp. There are two available sizes of Kuu Lamp, medium and small. It is packed as flat lamp shield but you can easily assemble it by cinching the drawstring tight on both sides. This lamp is good for those who like cozy and modern theme.

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