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At pacific crest interiors we only work with vendors who demonstrate a moral conscience and a sustainable and equitable worldview.

Too often people are misled into believing that “Rustic” furniture is naturally poorly made or inherently flawed in quality. Too often people are led to accept substandard finishes, untreated and untested materials in their quest for authentic Rustic furnishings. Stains and lacquers used in the finishing process are often unregulated in the countries of production origin and may therefore contain sub-standardized levels of lead or other known carcinogens. Hardwoods are irregularly kiln dried prior to manufacturing, a shortcut that may lead to future cracking or splitting.

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As the demand increases around the world for the rustic style small furniture manufacturers are under greater pressure to produce more product for less and less money. Hardwoods are being poached from forests that have been rightly shut down. Processes such as kiln drying are being rushed to meet deadlines. Fumigation processes required by most first world countries are being rushed or insecticides are being watered down to stretch further. Crafts persons and laborers are expected to produce more and more with less time and resource. Many throughout India can be found sleeping on the earthen floor of their makeshift factories in order to save the time and money associated with travelling to and from the villages where their families reside.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Pacific Crest Interiors we only work with vendors who demonstrate a moral conscience and a sustainable and equitable worldview.

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We pride ourselves in selling only materials that are recycled and or renewable. All lumber used in the furniture we sell at PCI has been kiln dried and finished to the highest standards. All products are manufactured at ISO 9000 certified, State of the art facilities that combine modern manufacturing techniques and equipment with traditional native craftsmanship.

Every product on the showroom floor has been hand selected to assure premium quality and workmanship.

All of our leathers are 100% full grain cow leather and cowhide.

Every wood product has been fumigated to ISO 9000 standards before shipping. Pacific Crest interiors guarantee’s all of its products against infestation.

You might then ask, “ Is the price for this quality significantly higher?” and the answer is an unequivocal, NO!

Many of the products we carry at PCI are priced comparably to those of our competitors. Many are available at below our competitors pricing. And yes, some are priced slightly higher. However, compared side by side Pacific Crest Interiors is confident that you will easily recognize the differences in quality.

At Pacific Crest Interiors our Rustic furniture is not Rustic by condition it is Rustic by design.

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