Snow Globe Baby Shower Favors

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Snow Globe Baby Shower Favors Ideas. So in trying to think of some good favor ideas for winter baby showers, the first to come to mind was snow globes. They make great little decorations and the ones with plastic domes can be fun for the baby to play with once he or she arrives. These particular decorations are easy to find as you can go to any store in any city in the world and find a snow globe with your city’s name in it.

Picture snow globes. You can get these made out of plastic and get these filled with simple, non-toxic water from oriental trading. You just simply take the bottom off and insert a picture. So the idea for this particular favor is to buy a pack of these little globes, or two, or three depending on how many guests you have and insert a copied photo of momma’s ultrasound. If she has a 3D or 4D ultrasound with a good face image, then that’s going to be even sweeter. Each guest gets one of these to take home and they can replace the picture of the ultrasound with a picture of the baby when they receive the birth announcements.

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Let’s get crafty. This will make a fun little activity to keep guest entertained at the shower. Buy mason jars with lids (various sizes) and have a little box with little odd toys. They can even be the toys that come with Happy Meals from McDonald’s. Glue the toy to the lid so that it can be inserted upside down into the jar. Add your little bits of Styrofoam or glitter, which ever you are going to use. Fill the jar up with water and seal it. Be sure to use a silicone based glue for the toy so it won’t get loose and float to the top. Then the guests can take home their homemade snow globes as a souvenir of the fun they had at your baby shower.

Snow globe shaped cookies. For this, you will need a round cookie cutter and a square cookie cutter. Once you have the round cookies placed on your cookie sheet, take the square cookie cutter and with each cookie, you will cut it into three equal sized slices and place it at the bottom of the circle cookies. Three circles to each square. To make the seam seem less obvious, just press them together with your fingers. Bake as you normally would then decorate the circular portion of the finished cookie with blue or white icing. For the bottom, you can use any color icing you like just as long as it’s contrasting to the circle portion so that it looks like a base. From there, you can take a third color and write little messages in the circular portion and decorate with snowflakes and what not. These cookies will be super-cute and yummy because of all the icing. Try not to eat too many cookies while you are making them.

Mmmmm, cookie dough.

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