Stork Baby Shower Favors

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How to make your baby shower different? Everyone wants the same. But this needs lot of planning. First decide the theme of your baby shower so that everything else falls into place. Your invitations, food, decorations and favors all will be based on your theme.

If you select a theme of stork baby shower then everything from invitations to favors should some way reflect the theme. Initially when you design your invitations don’t forget to print a stork carrying a baby bag with its beak on them.

Twin Boys Stork Baby Shower...

Now coming to the decorations, keep stork wall hangings. Hang storks carrying babies here and there. Make baby bags with toy babies in it and hang them here and there. Design your cake with the same theme. The icing will do all the talking.

Decorate the cake with stork shaped icing. Now comes the important part of your baby shower, the favors. Deciding the stork baby shower favors is a huge task. We give a few ideas which you can use to make your baby shower different from others.

Make small goodie bags with netted cloth and fill them with candies and chocolates and tie the opening with a colorful ribbon and attach it to a long needle like stick which has a stork shaped design on the top.

Special Stork Baby Shower Favor

Design the icing on cookies in the shape of stork carrying a baby and give them packing them in a small transparent box tied with ribbon around it.

Magnets which have the picture of stork carrying a baby and a personalized message is a good option. These are usually fixed to refrigerators and the guests will be reminded of your baby shower for longer period.

Take a print of storks carrying babies on a paper with a personalized message and make a bag out of it. Fill this paper bag with M&Ms or candies.

Give away baby bottles filled with M&Ms or Bath salt. But before that, get a print of a stork carrying a baby, the name of the mom to be and the date of the baby shower on the bottle. Guests will really love it.

Take bigger size wash cloths and tie all the corners on the top and make it look like a bag. Now fill this bag with your favorite candies and chocolates. To make this bag look beautiful you need to take bright colored wash cloths. This bag of goodies really matches up with the theme of your baby shower.

Key chains in the shape of a stork carrying a baby look good and will remind your guests of your special day almost daily.

You have to create a mood of the theme in the baby shower space and your favors look awesome to the guests even if they are simple.

The only thing you need is to have a little planning and show a little creativity and your baby shower turns to be very exciting. Stork baby shower favors are simple to make but are very different at the same time.

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