The Luxurious Gabriel Chandelier by Baroque Art


Chandelier baroque is an accessories that usually hang on the ceiling which usually we put candle on it to give a light to the room. However, in this modern era maybe we do not need to put candle anymore to the chandelier since we can use the light from electric source. Even that, this baroque luxurious Gabriel chandelier will not only shining but has a stunning artistic. It is designer by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the Paris designers who make the design of this Gabriel chandelier baroque. The chandelier is specially designed for Chateau de Versailles, and to be hanged over the Gabriel Staircase. That is because the Gabriel Staircase is the main entrance to the place.

For the material that are used in making the Gabriel chandelier baroque are such precious material that really have a good quality. The designers make the chandelier from crystal, especially the crystal brand Swarovski. The use of crystal is actually having a special reason that is it traditionally used for making chandeliers to beautify the ceremonial rooms and of course to give a strong link between the past conditions to the present. Besides, crystal is very precious and luxurious, and then it will make the chandelier looks more stunning.

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In this 12-metre-high chandelier that comprises with 800 crystal modules, there is containing the Led lighting system that put in the stainless steel skeleton to give the effect of real candle but with modern techs. The way of making the chandelier is to give a link from the chandelier baroque Versailles to the modern art.

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